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If you run a business with two or more interconnected computers, you have a network, as well as the inherent expenses and responsibilities that come with managing a network.  Networks are complex, living systems, with many moving parts, that require someone to maintain them.  Industry experts, countless studies and common sense tells us that failure to do so proactively, rather than reactively will always cost us more than it would to take a proactive approach to things.  Being proactive yields less downtime, more predictability, flatter spending patterns, better ability to plan and budget for IT needs, and allows you to focus on your business, not your network.

Instead of paying premium rates to fight fires reactively, after something goes wrong, or employing a full time consultant/IT rep (who could leave at any time), consider the VNS alternative to paying by the hour or taking on the burden of a salaried employee.  The NetCare™ Managed Service Plan is a cost effective business network managed IT service plan that ensures highly trained professionals will proactively care for your computer network so that you can focus on your business.  This approach has been commonplace in enterprise level companies for years, but now this level of technology and service is available to any business.

For a minimal monthly investment, VNS will take responsibility to supply a dedicated engineer to visit your site on a regular basis and perform a prescribed series of maintenance tasks on your server(s), workstations, printers and network gear – all designed with you, and your network in mind.  We'll take ownership of these problems, maximize your "uptime" and minimize your downtime, so that you can focus on your business, and not the technology you need to run it.   Our entire system, our processes, and training methodology is designed from the ground up to take a proactive approach to your computing needs, while giving you predictable IT support costs.

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Key Benefits

Here are just a few of the benefits of the VNS NetCare™ managed services plan:

  • Proactive, automated reporting, including weekly reports provided via email.
  • Access to 24x7x365 on-call VNS Systems Engineers / Consultants for emergency services (after-hours premium service rate applies but will be billed at your discounted NetCare™ labor rate).
  • 24x7x365 access to web-based system that provides status of every network device you own.

  • VNS NetCare™ Service Center - existing customers can click here to login

  • Weekly and monthly Executive Summary and Network Summary reports automatically emailed to you
  • Asset and inventory information for all hardware and software (to help insure software licensing compliance).
  • Web site and systems uptime monitoring and reporting.
  • Regularly scheduled service visits by a VNS engineer to take ownership of your network support needs.
  • Remote, phone and email support for daily problems and user support issues.
  • On-call VNS engineers and technicians available (requires 1 business day notice, although we always try to accommodate same-day requests, and often can).
  • Source for all computer supplies such as cables, printer toner and supplies, accessories, etc.
  • Access to VNS Online purchasing system with specially discounted pricing (for NetCare™ customers only) for all your computer needs.
  • Remote systems monitoring by a full-time NetCare™ Service Center technician, and notification of key issues (8x5, M-F, excluding holidays).
  • Anti-virus configuration and virus removal if required.
  • Managed security, managed backups, managed VOIP phone systems.
  • Support for printer, PC/server repairs, and access to VNS's HP/Compaq, Xerox, and IBM warranty support services.
  • Gain more efficiencies from your IT investments.
  • Reduce your cost of infrastructure.
  • Compliance.  Industry standard regulations such as PCI compliance, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), or HIPAA are now required of businesses, and VNS NetCare™ customers know that our team of professionals will help you meet or exceed these industry regulations by adhering to our proactive, best practices approach to IT support.
  • Choice: if you only need monitoring and reporting, VNS can provide that.  Or, if you are looking to supplement or replicate a full-time IT admin/consultant position, you can eliminate the requirement for dedicated network management staff (NetCare™ also allows VNS to work with your staff and supplement them if you have IT staff).
  • Enjoy the benefits of enterprise network management support without the high costs associated with maintaining a NOC.
  • No more “firefighting” – the VNS NetCare™ managed service Plan allows you to be proactive in the management of your network.

What is the Cost?

More importantly, it costs less.  VNS has studied the costs of support for many of our customers and NetCare™ has consistently come in as a less expensive option for network support, than the reactive "we'll call when we need you" approach.  How can we do this?  We do it by flattening out your technology spending, by proactively maintaining the network, and lowering your cost of ownership.  Instead of waiting for something to break, creating a huge catastrophe, with network downtime, and possibly losing data, and paying a premium to remedy the problem, NetCare™ allows talented VNS engineers to come to your business on a regularly scheduled basis, follow a prescribed series of IT "best practices" and give your network the attention that it requires to provide peak performance.  Networks are indeed like cars, and need to be proactively and regularly maintained.  It just costs less to own, when you actively manage a network.

Your pricing is based on an assessment of your network, based on the number of servers, workstations printers, and other network devices that will be covered under your contract. If you have ever outsourced your IT problems, either in whole or in part, then you know how complex and perplexing it can be to negotiate fees, understand terms and learn exactly what you will receive for your money.  Getting started with NetCare™ is both simple and easy.  We believe in being long on convenience and short on hassle, see if you don't agree:

  • NO startup or “management” fees
  • Predictable, flat monthly fee, based on size of your network, for a specific set of services
  • Annual contract allows pricing to be discounted to reflect annual volume commitment, resulting in a lower overall hourly rate than our best block discounting
  • No long-term, multi-year commitments
  • A non-performance clause, that allows you to cancel service for failure to perform
  • Monthly invoicing
  • No travel time charges (if you are within 30 minutes from VNS)
  • Simplicity in pricing: once your agreement is in place, all services are provided at your NetCare™ service rate.  No more block time purchases or T&M based labor at a premium rate.
  • You only pay for services rendered, period.

Providing this level of experienced support requires capable, experienced talent.  Hiring even one capable, entry-level network support tech will cost most companies at least $30K annually.  And most entry-level network consultants (techs) lack the depth and breadth of real-world experience and training to properly administer a computer network, and they lack the support of a team of experts and vendors that support VNS customers.  A simple analogy is a "guy who's good with cars" versus a professional mechanic, working at a dealership or large shop.  Do you really want a friend of the family, college kid or a "guy you know who's good with computers" (who may be operating without a business license, insurance, etc.) managing the network that you depend on to run your business?  Cheapest usually isn't best, but with the cost of a more experienced, talented and professionally certified network engineer running $45-80K annually (and then add 15-25% more for benefits), it’s no wonder that many companies cannot afford a dedicated IT staff, or can only hire folks with limited skill sets, experience and support.  And even if you can, that person becomes a single point of failure, what do you do when they're on vacation, or if they leave unexpectedly, or worse, if they don't' work out, become disgruntled and damage your network?   But you must have a network to run your business, and someone you can call when the pain gets bad enough, data is lost, or things break, but that is reactive and not an ideal scenario.  NetCare™ is the cost-effective solution to meet your IT service and support needs.

Who Provides Coverage?

Here is the team of professionals that will provide you with personal attention and be in charge of your network with NetCare™:

  • A principle Systems Engineer / Consultant: watchful and attentive to your daily IT needs
  • A dedicated Account Executive: works closely with the principle engineer to stay on top of your needs and proactively consultant with you and your staff, keeping your business ahead of the technology curve. 
  • A Service Dispatcher / service coordinator, and customer care unit: your command center, communication central and resource dispatch
  • A pool of backup Systems Engineers and consultants: our team-based resources contribute to us having an answer, because no single technology professional can know it all.
  • VNS is your trusted technology advisor, providing both the technical and business contacts to address your needs.

Service Details, Experience Counts

VNS has been delivering managed services since 1999, long before any of our competitors discovered managed services.  This has allowed us to perfect our managed service model.  VNS has provided our NetCare™ Managed IT Service Program to over 100 clients in the Central California San Joaquin Valley (Fresno, Clovis, Madera, Visalia, Hanford, Oakhurst, Lemoore, Reedley, Kingsburg, Merced, and Atwater) to support their network infrastructure, so that they can focus on their business.  This includes Microsoft Windows Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft IIS, Microsoft Outlook, antivirus software, backup software, firewalls, routers, wireless devices, UPSs, VOIP phone systems, desktops, servers, mobile/handheld devices, etc.  Following are some of the details on the specifics of what the NetCare™ managed service provides.

Because VNS has been doing this for so long, as the most experienced Managed Services Provider (MSP) in this region, not only have we become very adept and experienced with providing managed network services, but VNS had the honor of being named to the MSPMentor 100 list of top MSPs globally.  The MSPmentor 100 is a ranking of the top providers of managed services globally. Rankings are based on providers’ ability to improve their customer service and to improve their customers’ IT infrastructure to a degree which speeds the flow of business.


Perhaps the greatest benefit is the emergencies you won't have. We provide regular maintenance that can prevent problems. Regular maintenance also keeps your computer systems running at peak performance.  We implement innovative features that customers frequently pay for, but are unaware of, such as Pre-failure monitoring of HP and Compaq servers, covering hard drives, power supplies, processors and memory.

Technology Advice

We welcome your technology questions! We answer your questions and explain what the technology and the terminology means to your business, in plain English.


With a NetCare™ managed service contract, savings are realized right from the start. Our regular on-site rate for service is $125 per hour.  Your NetCare™ managed service contract entitles you to a certain number of hours each month at a discounted rate, based on your calculated annual hours requirements.  The net effect is that you enjoy annualized volume pricing discounts, without an annual payment.

Improvements & Upgrades

As your business changes and grows, so does your computer system. The NetCare™ managed service contract takes this into consideration. The hours can be used to upgrade your system, install a network or plan hardware or software additions, even training your people on how to use the upgraded system.

Replacement and Upgrade

Hardware and software purchased through VNS will be given an additional discount. Our large resource of vendor and distribution channels guarantees you the best pricing on top quality components.

Knowledge Base and Expert Systems

VNS has always been a team of talented people.  When you have a relationship with VNS, you have a relationship with, and the support resources of our entire organization.  Our experience and continued technical training means you have on your team, a cutting-edge knowledge resource for your business.

Helpdesk Management

Maintain service log, provide telephone help, dispatch field service rep(s), coordinate service parts and supplies, maintain service record and up-date service log status on line, if applicable.

Connectivity Management

Provide operational support for routers, switches, hubs, firewalls, wireless access points and cabling systems, telecom lines and carrier liaison for LAN/WAN and Internet connectivity issues. Provide remote and on site diagnoses and restore connectivity services.

Server Administration

Establish server administration and data validation procedures.  Provide directory management, file maintenance and storage optimization. Create and deleting users, rights and password management for user applications and operating systems. Maintain and upgrade server based application and operating systems, anti virus, utility and patches.

Desktop Support

Isolate hardware and software issues. Support users with the operational aspects of their workstation including station reconfiguration, server link, anti virus, utility and patches.

Hardware Maintenance

Diagnose and correct the hardware problems and bring standalone PC to C: boot, workstation to server log- in stage and re-establish user application and menu preferences. Warranty or non-warranty service work will either be provided by VNS, or facilitated by VNS on your behalf.

Remote Management

VNS Network Management services allows us to monitor and manage your network remotely at our Network Operations Center (NOC).  This can give your company a virtual network support staff and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you'll be supported when you need it the most.


What do our customers have to say about NetCare™?

“We had used two other IT providers in the past that would come out and try to help us when something was broken. We weren’t completely satisfied with that approach...What really sold us was the monitoring and the proactive maintenance — those were the two big things....We have already seen a huge difference because of their proactive versus reactive approach. We’re just thrilled with Valley Network Solutions....In the past, we were always reacting to IT issues and it cost us time and money...With VNS, we know they’re going to be here whether we have a problem or not. They’re watching for things that may become a problem. So instead of a server going down and us losing time, for example, they can see the warning signs and prevent that from happening.”

--Doug Galley, Terri Kent, Kasparian's Paint Center

"It is difficult for a small company to justify the expense of hiring a full-time person with equivalent skill sets and most qualified personnel would not be interested in a part-time job. NetCare provides us with qualified personnel on a “part-time” basis at a reasonable cost.  Without NetCare we would be out of date on upgrades as its very hard for a small company to keep well informed of new technologies and the direction with them that is appropriate to our company. Our operations would not be running as effectively. Prior to having NetCare we had difficulties in finding qualified technicians to respond to service needs especially in a crisis.  I have recommended the program to other businesses and will continue to do so. It makes having computers in our office easy rather than a burden. The quality of the service is top notch!"

--Marva Petrequin, Market Express Transportation, Inc.

"The City of Selma needed periodic, yet regular, on-site technical support and expertise that was affordable.  We are able to have consistent technical support, staying within the budget allowed for these services, and we are now proactive in the way we manage our IT assets, and experience less down or non-productive network time.  We get the highest possible skill and technical expertise, at a fraction of what it would cost to staff a full-time position.  For the small to medium size business or government, it can be tailor-made to provide the expertise that is required in today's ever changing network environment."

--Jerry Howell, City of Selma

"I spend less with VNS than I would to have someone sitting here waiting for something to go wrong. Plus I don’t think I could even hire someone with the range of knowledge and certifications that the VNS technicians have. One of the detriments of hiring is that you’re limited by the individual’s knowledge and experience, and while they may claim to know things, in reality they may not...Most of the time, computer technicians are not very social people. They tend to get frustrated with you and use language you don’t understand...These guys don’t do that. They are really good at explaining issues to me, and they work well with my employees." 

--Jill Holstein, Quality Home Services (B&D Quality Water).

"I love that we have NetCare™ . It's nice to have a relationship with VNS that doesn't always revolve around fixing a visible problem. There is that level of comfort that NetCare gives me someone is watching over our system. When we do need those extras, I feel very comfortable with the quotes and detail provided so that I can make a logical decision rather than an emotional one."

--Faith Buller, Pacific Choice Brands

"We have grown from 10 remote locations to our present 50.  The company does not want to hire staff for the network maintenance whereby they may not be able to stay fresh with the new technology as it develops. By utilizing the services of VNS, we have the ability to increase the onsite time if it becomes necessary. It is more cost effective and beneficial to us to outsource these services.  We are now in the maintenance or NetCare phase of the program, and I must say that our systems have never been as stable as they are now.  I believe the NetCare system is a cost-effective and beneficial solution for the many businesses that do not have the need or the resources to maintain an in-house staff for their computer monitoring needs." 

--Kerri King , Derrel's Mini Storage, Inc.

What Next?


Protect the cornerstone of your business.  Now, with NetCare™ managed service plan you can insure the health of your computer network.  Call and ask for a VNS Account Executive.  We'll come visit you, analyze your user environment (at NO cost to you) and mutually arrive at a regular scheduled plan to best keep your technology in line with your overall business objectives.  We'll then provide you with a customized NetCare™ managed services proposal for your network, then compare for yourself, and see if NetCare™ isn't a more cost-effective way to maintain your network.  Let VNS worry about your network, we’ll help you escape from the costly and unproductive firefighting approach to your IT problems.

If you'd like more information or have additional questions, please contact us at, or you can reach us at (559) 650-2600, Option 2.


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