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Click here to download a sample copy of the VNS Technology Journal   This page provides an overview of our technology journal for vendor partners to quickly understand what it is, what it costs, and how it benefits them, along with all the pertinent details required to participate in this endeavor.
  • Who - who VNS wants to partner with on the journal, and who the readership is

  • What - what's this all about, including sample copies of past issues

  • Where - what the geographic coverage is for this journal

  • Why - why we're doing this

  • When - when the journals are published

  • ROI - what's the cost-justification for this?

  • How - how to participate, with all the details, including costs, artwork dimensions, and what we need from you the vendor to include you

Click to download a sample copy of the VNS Technology Journal



There are two answers to this question - first who we work with: Authorized vendor partners of VNS, who wish to work with VNS to increase their market penetration in our Central California regional market. 

Second is who we are targeting: Subscribers of the journal are predominately small-medium businesses, state/local government agencies and educational customers of VNS.  Recipients are selected from our existing customer base of BDMs (business decision makers), and "C-level" or information technology contacts, as well as those who send in a subscription request form, indicating that they wish to receive a copy of the journal.    Our distribution is currently 6,250 Central Valley C-level/IT decision makers per issue.


Samples of previous copies of the Technology Journal are available here.  VNS works with a professional ad agency to create the journal, which is geographically exclusive to each market that it's published in, allowing VNS to have exclusive control over the journal in this market.

Content - The ads can be developed in conjunction with you, or your marketing group, or we can use pre-made ads, although we prefer to work with you or your marketing department to develop unique content. If you have compelling article content, we can consider including it within the issue, but your contribution is really paying for the ad placement, and getting your message out to several thousand commercial customers in our market.


Our distribution covers over 6,250 business, government and education customers here in the central valley (, most of them existing VNS customers.  We have a database of 25,000 businesses in our region that we'd eventually like to target with this journal on a monthly basis, but that'll depend on our partners' ability to contribute MDF funds towards this effort. 


VNS has developed this journal in response to the need for a localized marketing vehicle to get the word out about the technology solutions that we provide in partnership with our vendor partners.  We've found that Fresno and the central valley frequently gets overlooked by vendor road shows and this, in conjunction with our Executive Forum Series ( is our response to help our vendors help themselves gain traction within this market.


Frequency - we run the journal quarterly, in conjunction with our Executive Forums, to help drive attendance to the Forums.  The journals are mailed out the last week or each quarter, so late March, late June, late September, and mid-December (as opposed to late December, due to holidays).


What is the cost-justification and return-on-investment for doing this?  VNS uses a campaign tracking key within our CRM system to assess where all new opportunities originate.  Based on average previous issue response rates, we generate 50-75 new calls, get 5-10 net new customers as a result of each mailing, and each issue generates an average sales volume of $250,000 in net new sales.

ROI will be contingent upon your investment and if you have multiple products you'd like represented, you can run a single ad or dedicated ads for each product at your discretion. We can tell you that we always try to place ads that are relative to the article with relevant content (ie: a printer ad would go next to an article about printing if one was available in that issue), but you'd see the proofs before they go to print anyway.

Due to our remote geography, Fresno and the Central Valley in generally are woefully unrepresented by major manufacturers making a presence, and the result is that many customers think that buying consumer-grade solutions from their local Office Depot or CompUSA are fine, because they just don't know any better.  Through this Technology Journal and our Executive Forums, we are trying to expose our customers to professional solutions from each of our vendor partners, and demonstrate to them why these business solutions make sense and can save them time and money, while increasing their satisfaction with the technology they use in their businesses.  Our ROI argument is based on this providing strategic exposure for your company, or lack thereof, if you're not in the journal.


Following are the details and requirements to participate in the VNS Technology Journal:

  • Cost - cost is $960 per ad. 
  • Budget - since this is a long-term effort, we'd prefer to have our partners in every issue, so if you can allocate an annual budget for this, we think it'd have the most benefit to reinforce the message(s).

  • Dimensions - ad dimensions are as follows:

    • Quarter-page ad – 4.771” x 6.293”

    • Half-page ad (horizontal) – 9.708” x 6.741”

    • Half-page ad (vertical) – 4.771” x 12.85”

    • Full page ad (back cover) – 9.708” x 13.15”

  • Content - ads seem to be the holy grail with partners and is even more difficult to get than hard dollars.  What we need is preferably a finished ad, NOT ad copy, or pictures, or brochures.  Ads need to be submitted in EPS, AI (Adobe Illustrator), CDR (Corel), or Quark format, in the size(s) specified above.  In the absence of a specific ad, please provide us with product images, your logo(s), and ad copy, and we can create the ad for you (there is no cost to you to do this), however, we much prefer that you have your marketing department create the ad for us to insure that it adheres to your corporate branding and image standards.

  • Positioning and Location - once you've told us that you're interested in proceeding, we'll provide you a mock-up of the current quarter's journal, so that you can see the layout and we can decide what location works best for you.  For example, if there is an ad spot on a page talking about wireless LANs, and your product is wireless LANs, we'd want to place you on that page, unless you indicated a preference otherwise.

  • Review - you and/or your marketing department will have the chance to review the final layout prior to going to press.  It's very important that you are happy with the way it looks.

  • Goals/Objectives - give us an idea on what you'd like to advertise in the paper - a product, or a message?  If not, we'll determine the direction, based on market demand and what we feel would be the best match.

  • Payment timing - we will invoice you upon completion of the paper, once it is printed and mailed out.  You will receive a PDF proof of the final copy and will also be included in the postal hard-copy mailing, but your invoice may arrive prior to receipt of the hard copy since we invoice upon mailing.  Should you wish to hold payment until receipt of hard copy, that's fine as long as your payment is received within 30 days of invoice, or finance charges will apply.

  • Subscriptions - if you wish to be put on the mailing list to receive the VNS Technology Journal, please submit your data at, and we'll be sure that you're included in the next mailing, if you aren't already.

If this is something you'd like to participate in, or if you have additional questions, please contact, or call (559) 650-2600 and ask to speak with Daniel Duffy.  Please note that demand for placement in this journal remains high, so if you'd like to participate, we need to hear from you as early on as possible.

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