HP Gold / HP Elite PartnerSince our inception, VNS has worked extremely close with HP because we felt that HP provided the highest overall value and performance to our customers.  That commitment to excellence has allowed us to become the valley's largest local HP and Compaq partner, with the highest number of full-time HP trained and certified technicians and engineers on staff.  If you have an HP or Compaq problem or need in Central California, VNS is the place to call.  We consider ourselves a local extension of the HP presence here in the valley and have a comprehensive HP demo center available to demonstrate the latest HP technologies to our clients.

HP/Compaq users love their systems for many reasons but mainly because they just plain work.  VNS is no exception and we "eat our proverbial dog food", so to speak, by running VNS on HP hardware exclusively.  Unlike some of their competition, HP aggressively invests in research and development, to create new technologies that many people may not realize HP is responsible for.  The vast majority of this development is done by American employees, and not farmed out overseas.  Patriotism aside, though, we lead with, and recommend HP solutions because we believe in them.  SMART drive monitoring, Insight Management Boards, blade server technology, pre-failure hardware warranties and key SAN technologies were all developed or spearheaded by HP, and we feel that HP provides an unparalleled level of product depth, breadth and performance to our customers.

Local Support and Presence

VNS has been servicing and supporting Compaq and HP products from day one because we firmly believe that we must support what we sell throughout it's lifecycle.  We are proud to be service and support authorized for HP and can provide warranty and post warranty services for nearly every HP / Compaq commercial and consumer product.  We maintain a stringent HP training and certification program, with ongoing training and certification such as the HP ASE, AIS and APS certifications and status.  Our CEO is a former Senior Consultant with Compaq, who previously provided consulting services to Compaq’s “Platinum” accounts – Fortune 100 customers, and maintains extensive contacts within HP. This network of contacts can be leveraged on the customer’s behalf to solve almost any HP-related problem.  For example, if a problem is found with a specific chipset, on a particular server, running a specific OS/app, VNS can usually make a call or two and find the actual engineer(s) that are working on that solution and speak with them to find a resolution. Or if there is a warranty service problem, VNS can engage a regional services manager with a single call/email.  VNS is warranty-authorized in both HP and Compaq products, and can provide a level of local support and presence that cannot be matched by large, out of state manufacturers.

For more information or to discuss implementing an HP solution with VNS, give us a call at (559) 650-2600, or send us an email at sales@vns.net.  VNS has been providing HP solutions to our Fresno, Clovis, Madera, Visalia and Oakhurst customers since 1996.

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