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We believe that it's important to know who you're doing business with and who the leadership is in a team.  But we also believe that as a team of 20-25 people, we'd be nothing without the great team of people that VNS has developed and maintained over the years.  Following is information on the VNS leadership and key staff members, but we have no illusions that we're only as good as each of our folks, and that every person at VNS plays a key role in providing our customers with excellent service.

Management Team

Daniel Duffy, CEO/CIO

Daniel Duffy

CEO (Chief Entropy Officer) & CIO

Daniel Duffy has founded 3 technology companies, including an ISP, an e-commerce company, and VNS.  He's worked in IT since 1993, and his computing experience dates back to the TRS-80, Amiga and Apple //e.  He has also provided consulting services to some of the world's largest companies while serving as a senior consultant with Compaq Computer. 

Daniel previously served as an Enterprise Consultant for Compaq Computer's Enterprise Consulting Services group, an elite group of 80 people worldwide, providing consulting services to some of Compaq's largest enterprise accounts throughout the US. Daniel has extensive experience with Compaq's high-end ProLiant systems. Past clients have included Microsoft, Albertson's, PG&E, Pac Bell (SBC), Trend Micro and Dishnet (India).

Prior to that, Daniel served as Project manager for Fresno County Office of Education where he designed and deployed FCOEnet, a 6,000 square mile frame relay network to provide county schools with Internet access. During this time he also acted as LAN/WAN manager. Daniel also founded, and later sold ValleyNet Communications, now known as ProtoSource Network (NASDAQ: PSCO), and internet media company SonicSource Corporation.

A graduate of CSU, Fresno with a BA in Telecommunications, his background also includes radio and television production at KSEE and KNAX as well as live entertainment for Tokyo Disneyland (yes, he speaks 日本の).  His hobbies include motocross, motocross, and more motocross.  Daniel has lived in Fresno since 1988.

Noi Duffy, President/CFO

Noi Duffy

Founder, President & CFO

Prior to starting VNS, Noi Duffy co-founded ValleyNet Communications with husband, Daniel Duffy.  ValleyNet Communications was the 2nd ISP in the Central Valley, in Fresno in 1994.  After ValleyNet was sold, Noi went on to help open the remote office in Fresno for Lightspeed Net, a regional Internet Service Provider (ISP).  Noi served as a Business Sales Representative and Web Page Designer as well as assisted with the daily operations and management of the Fresno satellite office.

Noi and Daniel then co-founded Valley Network Solutions in 1996 and have been operating at their current location since 2000.

Noi is a graduate of CSU Fresno with a BS degree in Biology .  Since graduation in 1994, when the Internet craze started, Noi’s experience has been primarily in the Internet/Computer industry. Her biology interest is now a hobby where she invests a her free time to gardening, insect collecting and bike riding


Technical Services Manager


Luis Garcia, Infrastrucure Services Manager

Luis Garcia

Infrastructure Services Manager


Jake Klee, Repair Services Manager

Jeffrey "Jake" Klee

Repair Services Manager

Jake's journey into the technology field began back in 1985.  While most people were becoming software engineers and network designers, Jake was fascinated by the hardware that they needed to install their programs onto and computers they wanted to network.  Since then, he's worked to compile certifications throughout the industry to support and fix the hardware that we rely on in business every day.  Jake believes that there is nothing better than seeing a notebook, printer, server, or desktop come back to life, and seeing the relief it brings to those depending on it is priceless.

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