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VNS certifications and authorizationsThis is where all the coffee, Mt. Dew and Code Red gets invested.  We've all worked, and continue to work extremely hard to achieve, and maintain the numerous certifications that we have earned, and we like to tell people about it.  We feel that it's one of the things that helps set VNS apart.  There are dozens of computer "consultants" in the market, but many either have little to no certification, or they have only cursory experience, and will talk about what they know, but haven't taken the exams that help prove it.  At the other end of the spectrum are folks who are great test takers, but cannot do the work.  We call them "paperboys" or "papergirls" in the business.

Getting certification is by no means easy.  It'd be a lot easier if we all went home at 5pm and relaxed, but many nights you'll find VNS staff members working late, or studying at home, to maintain and enhance their skills and experience.  This dedication and personal sacrifice allows us to provide you with a superior product, our people!

Nearly every single employee at VNS holds a technical certification - even people who are not delivering technical services. This is unprecedented, and is part of what sets VNS apart from the other guys.

We look at it like this: certification is required in any professional discipline, be it law, accounting, or medicine, and we don't feel that our industry should be any different, just because there aren't laws that mandate it.  From day one of VNS, we've operated with this disciplined philosophy, to insure that our customers can expect professional service, and because we all have a passion for what we do.

VNS staff certificationsValley Network Solutions has demonstrated abilities in numerous areas of the computer, networking and telecommunications industries.  Our staff members' extensive certifications are testimony to this.  In fact, we have more local employees with industry-accepted certifications than anyone else in the valley, and more MCSEs than anyone else in a 100+ mile radius.  Even though we're not the biggest by pure headcount, we have the highest percentage of certified staff.  Also, if you look closely at our largest competitors, you'll find that although they appear to have higher qualifications, most of the time they are grandfathered in via their employees in other cities and even states, but that they frequently have little, if any local talent here in the Central San Joaquin Valley.  We do!  Here are a few of the certifications which we collectively hold:

Individual Certs


Company Certs

Cisco CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)   Adobe Academic Authorized Reseller 
Cisco CCDA (Cisco Certified Design Associate)   Altiris Gold Business Partner
Citrix CCA (Citrix Certified Administrator)   Apple Authorized Reseller  
Citrix CCEA (Citrix Certified Enterprise Administrator)   Avaya Business Partner  
Citrix CCSP (Citrix Certified Sales Sales Professional)   Cisco Premier Certified Partner  
Compaq ASE (Accredited Systems Engineer)    Cisco Wireless Specialized Partner  
Compaq APS (Accredited Platform Specialist)   Citrix Silver Partner  
CompTIA A+   Computer Associates Premier Partner
Microsoft MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer)   GFI Gold Authorized Reseller
Microsoft MCSE+I (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer + Internet)      GoBeam Certified Sales and Service Provider
Microsoft MCDBA (Microsoft Certified Database Administrator)   HP Gold PartnerONE Business Partner
Microsoft MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer)   HP-Compaq Authorized Service Provider (ASP)
Microsoft MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional)   HP-Compaq Government-Education-Medical (GEM) Authorized Partner
Microsoft MCP+I (Microsoft Certified Professional + Internet)   HP-Compaq Certified Education Partner (CEP)
Novell MCNE (Master Certified Novell Engineer)   HP-Compaq Small-Medium Business Partner (SMB)
Novell CNA (Certified Novell Administrator)   HP SMB Executive Advisory Council Member
Novell CNE (Certified Novell Engineer)   IBM Business Partner
Cisco CCSE (Cisco Certified Sales Expert)   IBM Authorized Service Provider
Altiris Deployment Server and Notification Server trained   Itronix Business Partner
HP and Compaq Notebook, Desktop, Server and Enterprise Server Certified   Microsoft Top VAR
IBM Portable, Desktop and Server Certified   Microsoft Academic Authorized Reseller (AER)
HP Printer, Portable, Desktop, and Server Certified   Microsoft Authorized Reseller
    Microsoft Gold Certified Solution Provider (MCP/MCSP)


  Mitel Gold Solution Provider
    NetIQ Select Reseller
    Okidata Authorized Service Provider
    SonicWALL Gold Medallion Partner
    State of California Contractor Licensed
    Symantec Silver Partner
    WatchGuard Secure Partner Program member (WSPP)
    Xerox Authorized Service Provider
    Xerox Peak Reseller

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